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Subject: Lost Paperwork: My motion for rehearing.
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Dear Ms. Sumpter (ext.: 312.603.7110, 6939 / Main: 312.603-5426, 6930)
Thank you for speaking with me just now: If you all could print it out, and file it, as you've suggested, this would save me from having to resend it. The file (in this email attachment) that is missing from your docket, my motion for rehearing which your office received - and which you say is lost and missing - is this one:
The other files in these email attachments are merely proof of delivery & proof that your docket did indeed fail to docket my filing in this life-or-death and time-sensitive case.
PS: Below is a copy of my original email to you - in which you all got a courtesy 'Electronic' copy of that 'Physical Copy' which I sent by US Postal Mail. So, this should be the 3rd copy you all are getting. The 3rd time's a charm, and I hope it is filed this time. ... And ruled on with a good ruling to boot.
Gordon W. Watts
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Subject: GMAC v. Daniggelis, No. 2007-CH-29738 (Law Division): motion for rehearing filed
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I have filed my motion for rehearing / reconsideration of the 11/16/2015 order of Judge Sanjay T. Tailor, in this Law Division case. It is attached. My apologies for not emailing you yesterday afternoon when I mailed hard copies by Postal Mail, but I've been busy. Additionally, for your convenience, I have posted this -- and most or all -- filings online at these online dockets:



Should you lose these links, my docket of selected items is still front-page news on The Register, my namesake blogs. According to the post office, my rehearing motion should arrive before the 12/21/2015 Case Management hearing this upcoming Monday, but, if it doesn't, it's still attached as a PDF and posted online.

PS: I have a cache of the court's official docket on my unofficial docket, which may be helpful on rare occasions when the court's website is down for routine maintenance as it apparently is now.

2nd PS: Please note Atty. King's new mailing address (in my certificate of service and on his law firm's website), should you wish to serve him hard copies.



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