VIDEO NOTES – Phone block logs: DATE: Sunday, 14 July 2019 (Updated: Saturday, 14 September 2019)

Illegal “call-blocking” by Lakeland, Fla. Police—both to non-emergency dispatch and to 911! (Plus, documentation of other crimes by the police, including, but not limited to, perjury.) – Documentation below here—TABLE of CONTENTS:

* “Video #1”: A compilation of nine (9) shorter videos documenting the illegal call-blocking.

* “Video #2”: Documentation of illegal perjury by several members of the Lakeland (Fla.) Police Dept.

* “Video #3”: Much subsequent news coverage of this sordid “call-blocking” saga.

* “Video #4”: Huge wreck, and I can't call 911! This picks up where episode 9 of “video #1,” above leaves off, and includes STEREO video/audio footage of the wreck, documented call-block of 911, and then resultant visits to City Commission, including Lakeland (Fla.) Mayor Bill Mutz, himself, getting involved and asking to “test out” 911. – I grant his request, and we 'test out' both 911 and non-emergency dispatch.

VIDEO #1 This is a summary of the nine (9) videos documenting proof of ILLEGAL call-blocking by the Lakeland (Florida) Police Department, in the recent, related news story. [[Note: “Video #1,” here, is a compilation of nine (9) shorter videos, shown in brown font, below.]]

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  1. Monday, 23 January 2006 –I called Police Dept to report bus parked too close to roadway, and my home phone was blocked. I had to call them from my cell phone, instead.

  2. Tuesday, 31 January 2006 – Letter from phone company (documenting existence of an illegal call-block by police department from people calling them)

  3. Saturday, 25 April 2009, early afternoon (before my call to dad later that day) – video (with Jim Sapp narrating and letting me use video, time-stamped by Tampa Tribune displayed in video, with me co-narrating, and mom is heard in the background at 821 Alicia Road, Lakeland, FL 33801-2113, with street sign to document address also displayed in video.

  4. Sat. April 25, 2009, about 6:01pm – Call to dad – He confirms this, after I spoke to Jim Sapp.

  5. Tuesday, 31 August 2010 –Anomaly: Police Department temporarily accidentally unblocks my phone. (I include this rare anomaly because I'm honest.) Note: It was still blocked from anonymous called, as shown in the first half of this clip.

  6. Wednesday, 24 May 2014 –My call to the “Records” division of the Lakeland Police Department –during business hours –was apparently blocked by a novel method: It wasn't answered: Unless the entire department went on lunch break at the same time (or were too busy to even pick up the phone and say: “please hold”), they were blocking my phone in a different way: By selectively refusing to answer it.

  7. Monday, 13 February 2017, about 9:27am –My phone is blocked from calling ALL “863-834” phone numbers, as documented here. (I could not call the Lakeland Public Library, which has the same area code and prefix as the police department.)

  8. Monday, 13 February 2017, about 10:26am –My phone is blocked from calling the Police Department, as documented here. (Note: I often use Publix “Time & Temp” to timestamp aka document the day of week, month, day, & time of the call, but it doesn't tell the year, which is important. I then use NOAA weather's phone service to document the month, day, and year – even though they don't say the “day of week,” which can be had from a calender—or Public time & Temp.)

  9. Saturday, 24 November 2018 – Just as recent as late last year, my home phone number is **STILL**

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    blocked – but this time, it's worse than anyone thought: I was blocked from calling 911 from my home phone number, (863)688-9880. PROOF: Screenshots of my attempts to call 911 from my cell phone (same number, but was ported over from home phone) – to report a very bad crash. I was unable to call 911 from that phone, and had to use another phone: My 911 call to the Lakeland Police Department was blocked, and I document it here. Enough it enough: Time to address this dangerous nonsense. [“Video #4,” below, picks up where episode 9 of this video – #1 – leaves off: See below. The wreck was recorded IN STEREO.]]

VIDEO #2 ** PERJURY in an official reportLINKS: and and and and and and

*** Video Description: This is what started it all: After I was falsely arrested, perhaps to 'meet a quota', officers wrote an official report claiming that an LPD dispatcher told me to stay out of, or otherwise avoid, a certain area -- that there was police activity there. However, if you're going to be honest about it, you'll listen to the actual call, and compare it to the report -- and can come to your own conclusion as to whether these police made a false report, and then swore on oath (see the signature line of the report and who all signed it), thus making their lies official perjury under oath.

VIDEO #3 ** Much NEWS Coverage of the Police “Call-Blocking” sagaLINKS: and and and and and

*** Video Description: (1) The Register (2—3) Two calls to National / International radio call-in program, Coast-To-Coast: AM (4—5) Two calls to the “Legal Eagle” call-in show on WLKF-Talk 1430 (AM) / 96.7 (FM) – (6) Call to “Mayhem in the AM” talk show

VIDEO #4 ** HUGE Wreck – can't call 911!LINKS: and and and and


*** Video Description: (1) 911 is “Call-blocked” !! – I can't call 911 to report HUGE WRECK on 11-24-2018 (This video picks up where episode 9 of “Video #1,” above, left off – except, here, I have video footage of the wreck—in STEREO, no less! So, have “sound turned on,” and both speakers turned up and/or use stereo headphones for best effect – to hear the cars bounce, shake, rattle, & roll “in stereo.) (2) I speak to Lakeland, FL City Commission, and Mayor, on 07-15-2019 (3) I speak to the Commission again on 08-05-2019 (4) After that commission meeting, the mayor asks me to “Test out” 911, or words to that effect. Since I obtained audio from THREE (3) Sources (my local audio, the city chambers official audio, and the police audio of our calls to both non-emergency AND 911, this, also, is in stereo, so have your stereo speakers, or headphones, on, and sound turned up. (5) I visit the Commission again on 08-19-2019.

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NOTE: Yes, the mayor and I DID “test out” the 911 (and also, at my request, the non-emergency dispatch aka the “main call-in” number to the police station). Both had **finally** unblocked me, no doubt because they knew that they were about to be caught red-handed violating the law, and publicly embarrassed, not to mention, possibly sued for egregious & gross Civil Rights violations. Some have suggested that since my phone is unblocked, I should just “let it drop.” – Oh, really!?.. – Let me ask YOU a question, OK? What if YOUR family was captured and held hostage for roughly THIRTEEN (13) YEARS, and not released except under exceptional duress, pressure, and threats of lawsuits & embarrassment, ok? Now, you might forgive them, so far as not being vindictive, hating them, or seeking revenge. Forgive, as my Christian faith instructs, ok? Forgive, yes, but forget? Let it drop? Would YOU just “drop it,” if YOUR family was finally released? Hell no! And neither should I. – How many **other** victims will they bully? I think it should be looked into, addressed, and that we should never forget—never again. Craziness like these things (not just illegal call-blocking, but the illegal perjury, & other abuses) unnecessarily places lives in danger. Word.

Courtesy: Gordon Wayne Watts, Editor-in-Chief, The Register and

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