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BROKEN PROMISES by U.S. Congressman, Dennis A. Ross (R-Fla.-12th)

By Gordon Wayne Watts, Editor-in-Chief, The Register | Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In his Congressional web-page, linked below, Congressman Ross, who represents much of POLK and some of Eastern HILLSBOROUGH counties, made some specific promises -as implied by this statement of his:

s         Ending No Child Left Behind

s         Eliminating the Federal Department of Education and re-allocating the $100 billion per year towards education loans, grants, loan forgiveness and government debt reduction

s         Eliminating all primary and secondary federal education regulation...
Source: http://DennisRoss.house.gov/issues/issue/?IssueID=17117
See also his quote: Local school districts are struggling, Ross said, "because they have to meet (federal) mandates like 'No Child Left Behind.' "
LINK: http://www.TheLedger.com/article/20101007/NEWS/10075090?template=printpicart
("Politics in the Park Draws Few Beyond the Faithful," by Bill Rufty, The Ledger, Thursday, 07 October 2010)


A reasonable interpretation of his statement of alleged 'SUPPORT' is a promise to attempt (whether successful or not) to do the things he listed on his page (and in the press, such as above). These are promises - promises which he has not kept. In other words, he can not be truthful in his statement if he refuses to take ANY action-which is apparently the case: Actions, not words, tell his true intent: Last I've heard, and to the best of my knowledge (caveat: check me here; I might have missed something), Dennis has taken NO steps or attempts to fulfil or keep any of the above promises.

ANALISIS: He lied. While I think that the torts committed in predatory lending, illegal monopoly, laws void for vagueness, etc., call for a judgment for damages, I am not asking for total 'Loan Forgiveness' like many liberals are, just equal and fair treatment. However, be that as it may: Ross made these promises and did NOT keep them.

PROOF: In case Dennis edits or alters his page...

Google cache, found by this search:


LINK: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=cache%3ADennisRoss.house.gov%2Fissues%2Fissue%2F%3FIssueID%3D17117

ARCHIVE cache of various snapshots: http://wayback.archive.org/web/*/http://DennisRoss.house.gov/issues/issue/?IssueID=17117

March 03, 2011 (09:44:13am) snapshot-many promises still not kept:


The Register's archives:

Cache 1: http://GordonWatts.com/FannyDeregulation/DennisRossOnEDUCATION.JPG

Cache 2: http://GordonWayneWatts.com/FannyDeregulation/DennisRossOnEDUCATION.JPG

Cache 3: http://Gordon_Watts.Tripod.com/FannyDeregulation/DennisRossOnEDUCATION.JPG

A 'Yahoo!' cache found under a key word search:

CONCLUSION: Dennis, you made many promises to 'support' various goals above. Do you ever intend to keep your word, here; or, rather: Did you merely make a bunch of political promises just to get votes??


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